Monster Legends: Learn to survive in the world of Monsters

Who would have imagined back in those days when gaming was just an entertainment on TV screens with remotes in our hand and fighting for the turns with our siblings. In today’s world not only the games have evolved from TV screen to our mobile screens but also the level of gaming has gone from good to better and from better to the best. We have all sorts of games in our mobile phones these days, surely for game fanatics it has been bliss that they can have the luxury to play their favorite games anywhere and anytime in the world.

A game that has made a lot of people addicted towards itself, a game that has not been in the market for a very long time but for as long as it has been there, it has made a huge mark on the game lovers. Monster legends is an adventurous game that revolves around an island and has an animation of a pandalf, two workers, firesaur and some other monsters. The game was developed by SocialPoint and not only is available for mobile phones but also it is a free to play game on Facebook. The pandalf in the game will teach you how to play this game in the tutorial session at the beginning of this game. The player in this game needs to battle the enemies with the help of three monsters in the adventure map. The adventure map has 100 levels; while going through these levels, a mini boss appears after every 5 levels of the game and the boss appears after every 10 levels. As the player keeps on nailing the enemies, in reward he or she receives food and gold. The monsters that are fighting for the players will gain more and more experience on winning every level and eventually level up their abilities as a result. In one part of the game the player gets a chance to take battle in the monster arena. Winning a level here rewards with not just gold and food but trophies as well. There are 9 sorts of monsters which are made up of different elements- Fire, nature, magic, light, dark, earth, thunder, water and legendary; moreover the monster can either be of one element and they can be a hybrid as well. In the game, breeding is how players get uncommon and rarer monsters.

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