The top 3 best kept secrets in the Clash of Clans game

These days it seems as if it couldn’t be a better time to be a gamer. We have next gen games consoles that have just been released. 3D LED HD TV’s, accessories, surround sound systems, gaming chairs, and much more on top of that. Sometimes however, when it comes to gaming, simplicity is the key, which is evident as basic looking games available for download on our smart phones or tablet devices are growing increasingly popular with each passing day. We had the infamous ‘Flappy Bird’ a few months ago. The Candy Crush Saga and other similar “Saga” themed games, and we now have Clash of Clans, which is one of the most exciting and enjoyable games you could ever wish to play, proving that not all games require hi-tech graphics, intricate storylines, and famous voice actors lending their talents to the production. Sometimes all that is needed is an enjoyable game that can be played and shared online with friends and other likeminded individuals all across the world. If you’re a Clash of Clans addict, here’s a look at three of the best kept secrets in the game, that you probably had no idea about.

Wall breaker elixir bank

You may have thought that your barracks were just for training small numbers of troops, but in reality you can set a very large number of troops in line to train, even when you’re not online yourself. To train them in this way however, the special elixir you require will be “spent”. What you can do however, is cancel the training of your troops for no penalty. You can fill all of your barracks, but the elixir that has been spent will actually be banked away from other attackers. When you head back to your village, simply cancel the training of your troops and pick up your banked elixir. The wall breaker is the highest cost per slot, so go with this choice. This is an extremely effective unofficial clash of clans hack that very few people were aware of.

Mortars and lightning spells

This isn’t so much a clash of clans hack, but rather a helpful tip instead. You may have given up on lightning spells as you probably found them too weak, but when used right, they’re incredibly powerful. If you go with a 4+ star lightning spell, it will virtually wipe out a level 4 or 5 mortar making it very effective indeed.

Resting your hero

Your hero can take a long time to recover and regenerate, which can be annoying if you head off for a bio break, and come back to find you’ve been raided and that your hero is out for the count. You can solve this issue however. On your hero pedestal, the middle button is able to control whether your hero is in “sleep” mode or “guard” mode. Once guard mode is selected, they will defend your village if you’re away, which puts them at risk of being KO’d. Switching it to sleep mode however, means they will be able to sleep securely on their pedestal and will be fully charged for when you next need them whilst you’re out raiding other villages.